Perimeter Pest Control Orlando FL

Here in central Florida, pests often make themselves right at home in your house or office. LawnWorx provides safe perimeter pest and ant control for commercial and residential customers. 

Whether ants and roaches have already invited themselves in or you just want to keep them outside where they belong, our licensed technicians offer pest control services to meet your needs. 

Preventive Pest Control Treatment
When you contact LawnWorx, we’ll determine the best pest treatment plan based on your needs. If insects are already inside your home, our initial treatment may include both interior and exterior pest control application. To prevent insects on the outside from getting inside, we also provide quarterly perimeter pest application on the house, flowerbeds, and eaves.

Let us help with:
● Interior and exterior pest control
● Perimeter pest treatment
● Roach control
● Ant control
● Fire ant control

Safe Roach & Fire Ant Control
Roaches and fire ants are a major nuisance here in the Orlando area, so you’ve probably tried many different ways to get rid of these annoying critters. “Natural” solutions are often ineffective, while store-bought products can be hard to use or downright scary to spray around your family or customers. 

The secret to safe and effective pest control is knowledge about the specific pest, its habits, and the best strategies for prevention and management. Our technicians are state-licensed in pest control and we only use products we’d feel comfortable using around our own families. That means you’ll only get the most safe, responsible, and effective roach and fire ant control treatments available. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
There’s nothing worse than having your home or business treated for pests, only to find them crawling back a few days later! At LawnWorx, we make sure that never happens to you. If a problem pops up between treatments, we encourage our customers to let us know. In most cases, we’ll come out and fix the problem at no additional charge. 

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