Mosquito Control Orlando FL

You live in Florida so you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. But you can’t sit out on your porch or even walk into work if you’re being swarmed by mosquitoes.

At LawnWorx, we not only offer mosquito control services, we also offer expert advice to help residents and business in the Orlando area to keep mosquitoes at bay. Our technicians provide safe and effective solutions to keep your family or office comfortable.

Safe Mosquito Misting & Larvicide Application
In addition to being annoying, mosquitoes carry diseases that can make you and your family sick. In Florida, mosquitoes transmit Zika virus, West Nile, and other disease. They can even infect your pet with heartworms.

Mosquitoes are most active in central Florida from March to October, so we offer an 8 treatment program. We apply a fine mist to the foliage, leaves, and anywhere mosquitoes might be breeding or resting during the day. Since mosquitoes are tiny, only a small amount of the product is needed — less than 1 ounce per acre — so it’s safe for your backyard or business.

Let us help with:
●    Mosquito misting
●    Larvicide application
●    Advice to prevent mosquito breeding
●    Eco-responsible and water-safe products

Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Florida Yard
Stagnant water in plant saucers, dog bowls, kiddie pools, and even old tires is a mosquito magnet. Trees and bushes also provide shade where mosquitoes like to hang out. Here are a few things you can do to stop mosquitoes from living and multiplying around your home or business:

●    Drain standing water to keep mosquitoes from breeding
●    Get rid of unnecessary items in your yard
●    Cut back trees and brush
●    Tie boat covers and tarps tightly

Unfortunately, not all mosquito breeding areas can be easily eliminated. At LawnWorx, we can treat areas like ponds and heavy brush with a larvicide to help prevent eggs from hatching and filling your yard with more mosquitoes.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you to enjoy a swat-free, mosquito-free yard all year long. That’s why we stand behind our service with a full satisfaction guarantee. If you notice a problem between applications, just give us a call and let us know. We’ll come out and fix it at no additional charge.

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