Lawn Care Orlando FL

Thanks to sunny days and humid weather, lawn care is a year-round effort here in central Florida. That’s why, from Kissimmee, to Winter Park, to Oviedo, Florida residents and businesses know that finding a proactive lawn care service is as important as putting on sunscreen.

At LawnWorx, we provide fertilization, insect control, weed control, and aeration to keep your lawn looking healthy all year. Our state-licensed technicians will adjust your lawn care program throughout the year to tackle weeds and pests before they become a problem. 

Year-Round Lawn Treatment & Fertilizer
We may not have true seasons here in Florida, but your lawn care program still needs to adapt with the changing weather. In the hot summer months, we focus on controlling and preventing insects like fire ants from overtaking your lawn. Then as the temperatures begin to cool down, we’ll shift our focus toward weed control. That means you’ll have a green lawn that makes your neighbors jealous all year round. 

Based on your lawn conditions, budget, and needs, we’ll create a custom solution to keep your lawn green and healthy. We can treat as often as every month or as infrequently as every other month. 

Let us help with: 
●    Commercial and residential lawn treatment
●    Lawn fertilization
●    Weed control
●    Insect and disease control
●    Tree and shrub care
●    Lawn aeration
●    Soil testing

Caring for Your Florida Lawn
In Orlando and the surrounding areas, the most common turf you’ll see is St. Augustine grass. It’s a fast-growing turf that can be finicky when it comes to drainage and fertilizer. Fortunately, we’re experts with over 20 years of experience in lawn care from large commercial properties to your backyard. 

No matter which type of lawn or shrub, our licensed technicians will make sure your lawn gets the attention it needs. Our technicians are trained in both lawn care and tree shrub care, which means you won’t have to deal with multiple service calls to get the job done. If we’re out to do a lawn application, we’ll also inspect your trees and shrubs (or vice versa) and take care of any issues on the spot. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
At LawnWorx, we don’t just apply your lawn treatment and leave — we make sure it works! If a problem pops up between treatments, we encourage our customers to let us know. We’ll come out and fix the problem at no additional charge. 

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